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Call for hosting IPA conference

We are now accepting proposals for hosting a future IPA conference.  The IPA conference normally takes place over 3 days, usually in late June or early July. 

Who can host?

Any member of the IPA community who shares the values and goals of our network, along with a commitment to arrange a small to medium size important international event, may apply to host one of our IPA conferences. The person and his/her/their team will need to have the strategic means (mostly human resources and available location) to organize a 3 day conference for an average of 200 – 300 participants. Historically, our conferences have been linked to academic institutions, although we are open to exploring other venues and situations.

What do we do to support you?

The IPA network provides an experienced conference advisory committee that will support the local conference team. We have also developed a Conference Manual to assist with the most common questions and practical issues and to help harmonize the different parts of the conference.

How to submit a proposal?

Candidates willing to host one of the next IPA conferences are kindly asked to submit a proposal to contact@ipa.science.  The committee will carefully review each proposal.

Thanks in advance for your interest in hosting an IPA conference.