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Call 4 applications IPPA winterschool 2020

The International Winter School on Public Policy – Alps Edition 2020 will be held from 6th – 10th January 2020 in Aussois, France.

The Winter School aims to provide PhD students and Early Career Researchers with advice and knowledge on Public Policy theories, concepts and methodologies to analyze public policy

The Call for application is organised in 2 phases :

  1. From 9 September to 18 October 2019 : call for application 
  2. From 18 October to 30 October 2019 : late call for application (please note that the selection will depend on availability)

Course 3 “Studying Policy Process with Constructivist, Pragmatic and Qualitative Approaches” by Philippe ZITTOUN (University of Lyon, France) might be of interest to IPA practitioners.