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The IPA has a new blog!

A blog encourages us to write in a different way to attract different audiences. Because it is relatively short, less formalised and is a self-contained piece, a blog enables us to experiment with sharing our information, our research, our opinions, a vignette, a review … The blog can include images, videos, slides and sound.

The IPA network encourages you to write a blog and /or provide feedback on someone else’s blog. Please consider participating by including a comment with an article so we can generate a discussion about the issues raised. What others say can be just as valuable as the item itself.

If you have any issues you wish discussed on the blog please contact us at contact@ipa.science.

Currently we are calling the blog – IPA News – not very exciting we know, but we have been short on ideas. If you think you may have a good name for the blog please send it to us.

Happy blogging!