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Interpretive approaches to research and analysis—methodologies and methods concerned with situated meaning(s), historical context(s), and the importance of human subjectivity—are experiencing renewed interest and revitalisation in the social sciences broadly. They constitute the basic cornerstone of a critical approach to policy analysis which challenges the positivism and scientism that still characterize much policy analytic research. […]

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With the coming of age of the field, Interpretive Policy Analysis has gradually become  mainstreamed into existing political science and public policy venues. Please contact us at contact@ipa.science if you would like to alert the network of any policy or political science activity that is methodologically interpretivist in orientation such as conferences, panels,  master classes, […]


Interpretive Policy Analysis is an ever evolving field and there is a vast array of information sources around. On this page we have organised information from a number of sources such as links to groups, mailinglists and an overview of key publications in the field of interpretive policy analysis. Keeping up to date Other relevant […]


The Interpretive Policy Analysis network is closely linked to the journal of Critical Policy Studies. The journal of Critical Policy Studies brings contemporary theoretical and methodological discussions, both normative and empirical, to bear on the understanding and analysis of public policy, at local, national and global levels. The journal offers a unique forum for researchers, policy-makers […]

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For any questions or further information, please contact the IPA organization by email: contact@ipa.science


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